November 22, 2014


Are You Ready for Cyber Monday?

We are at Come Check out the website this 2014 cyber monday and get 10% off our already ridiculous priced wholesale items. These rare jewelry items are hard to find period, much less as a Louisville, KY Jeweler.

Starting at 10:30am-6:00pm Little John's Derby Jewelry is offering 10% off our items. Just find the item you want online and be the first to contact Little John or the first the add the item to your 'member account.'

Register today so you are prepared!

November 19, 2014


Little John Featured in International Jeweler Magazine

Melissa Tan wasn’t sure what the response would be to Little John’s Derby Jewelry’s first-ever TV commercial in 2011: an intentionally campy spot featuring a woman stuffing gold ­jewelry into an envelope... View full article →
October 18, 2014


Little John's Derby Jewelry Hitting "High Marks" in Local News

Professional Notoriety for in the Bling Game.

What does it take to reach a 'Professional Notoriety' in Louisville's saturated market of those in it for 'Bling-Game' rights? Well first of all I would hope being an established survivor in this current economy as a jeweler period is a testament to all the hard work put in to make this shop remain a 'hot-ticket.' Now with a new website in the works, Little John's Derby Jewelry continues to obtain more valuable goals reaching new standards for their identity in the market, their brand. 

Rare Jewelry availability, with extravagant partnering at play, will now be available for the common customer walking in off the street and I don't see Little John's Derby Jewelry going anywhere anytime soon. True quality transcends and Little John's concoction for presence will be matched with a professional online storefront which offers local Louisville Jewelry lovers the ability to reach out, in a way as they themselves would, through Little John's priceless connections.

We all know the deals and the professional treatment of the consumer industry comes with 'who you know' all too often, and as a marketing guy myself I can tell you that Little John is one of those people you 'need to have' on your side, that is if you want the real stuff. The tested, transparent quality of name brands and custom design. Just to give you an idea of why I stress knowing the right place for jewelry can be seen if you simply gather a case of 'middle-mall' jewelry, melt it down, and see how many of they alloy illusions it takes to match the true quantity of that particular natural resource; Gold being the most popular. And whether the mark 18kt on that clasp really' means that piece is real all around is what should never be up for debate within a client's conscious. 

One trip to Lil John's Derby Jewelry and you have your new jeweler for the rest of your life! 


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